NBI-assessment - Instructions

To take the NBI-assessment, you need a password from Profectus. If you have a password, you can proceed. 

It will take you about 20-25 minutes to answer both parts of the assessment. We do not recommend starting unless you have the time to complete both parts from start to finish without being stressed about finishing.

Taking the analysis under time pressure or stress increases the likelihood that the results will not be as accurate.

How to take the NBI-assessment:

  1. Start by reading these instructions carefully from beginning to end.
  2. Click the button at the bottom of this page to go to the NBI website.
  3. Enter your email address as the username and the password in the "Password" field.
  4. The analysis is available in 14 languages.
  5. Follow the instructions carefully in the assessment itself, breathe through your nose, and answer with your heart, keeping in mind how you are in the role being analyzed, not how you want to be or feel others expect you to be, or in your "role" at work. The analysis should reflect who you are and how you are, not others' ideas of how you think you should be.
  6. Most assessments are divided into two parts.
  7. First, you will receive 30 screens where you need to prioritize four statements in order of priority based on your own values and feelings, what best applies to you. Follow your intuition. This is only the first part of the analysis. A common mistake is to think the analysis is complete at this point. Continue to the next part.
  8. You will then be presented with 16 screens with four questions on each screen. Here you choose one statement/claim over another. In some cases, you may have minor difficulties choosing between statements - but this has a natural explanation that you will understand better when you receive the results by email or in person.

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