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Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. Tell-A-Vision is a unique one-day training (offered only this one-time) aimed towards leaders, trainers, facilitators, speakers and all who hinge on the true value of their communication and clear Mental-Picture they leave behind.

Results are not driven by doing more of the same. Having a clear vision is a good beginning but communicating your vision in a way everyone understands “The Bigger Picture” is a skill that helps you to get people energized and emotionally invested. Tell-A-Vision is a one-day training where you learn how to step back and recalibrate your why´s and how´s of your communication strategy. 

  • Staðsetning: Hótel Kríunesi við Elliðavatn
  • Dagsetning: 1. apríl 2020
  • Tími: 8:30 - 16:30

Key elements

The Tell-A-Vision Workshop offers a World Class Communication Skill that adds true value and real impact in various situations, such as:

  • Most Meetings
  • Facilitation and teaching
  • Design thinking sessions
  • Creative ideation sessions
  • Problem solving sessions
  • Getting people invested and motivated in your vision

The Tell-A-Vision Workshop is a value-adding approach teaching you the skills to develop and implement visual thinking skills immediately. The ideology behind Tell-A-Vision boosts the transition from the linear thinking of the information age into what the author Daniel Pink calls the “Conceptual age”.

Our Vision

The skills you learn in the workshop draw from 360° thinking. When executed correctly it’s like activating all aspects of the of the brain to create a common understanding and buy-in from the audience in the room all at once.

The limiting fact shows that most of our business interactions are based heavily on verbal dialogue, backed up with sterilized PowerPoint slides and charts – called “Verbal Overshadowing” where verbal thinking dominates and shuts down the creative part of the brain resulting in a very confined logical, and linear thinking environment, all which prevent break through thinking and the synergy within the team, which is often the foundation of market and product expansion.

The benefits of Visual thinking, problem solving, and storytelling are all essential 360° thinking tools that should be harvested to thrive in the conceptual era. It´s about increasing the overall intellectual capacity dramatically.

You will learn:

You will learn 

You learn The “Tell-A-Vision” Principle:

You’ll learn the 3 key fundamental elements that all great visual stories contain. Hint they all have a soundtrack, animation (not what you think it might be) and a visual component. The key is how to blend all three in an everyday business environment. 

You will develop your Visual Vocabulary:

You’ll come away with a vocabulary of easy to draw icons that you can use over and over again in any business situation to communicate concepts with ease. As well you’ll learn the visual grammar of combining images with special easy to draw diagrams ranging from schematics, simple maps to metaphorical team journey maps. These techniques are incredibly powerful for building team stories, action plans and visions.

You will master the Curve of a Story:

You’ll understand that all great stories follow a very specific and repeatable curve. Once you master this principle your visual stories will be so compelling, you’ll be unstoppable. Plus, you also develop an awareness of the different types of stories that are commonly used in the business world. Ranging all the way from the origin story to the values story.

You get familiar with 2, 3 and 4-Dimensional Visual Story Telling:

Master the use of 2 dimensional images and then 3 dimensional objects and talismans in telling a visual story. Learn the key elements of creating a powerful organizational Vision and how to communicate it with a talisman. And finally, how to put people right into the story so they actually experience it.

You understand The Obeya (The Big Room):

And finally, you’ll learn how to engage others in a live visual story using a lean manufacturing method straight from Japan called an Obeya or also known as the big room. It’s the ultimate way to update and communicate organizational performance and project status within and organization.

You will Improve your Communication Skills:

Because there are no words in drawing, you will learn to think up new ways to communicate your message. The way this workshop impacts your communication skills are obvious: since you’ll be more in tune with the core of your message when you draw and Tell-A-Vision, rather than sterilizing it with PowerPoint. 

In fewer words: You will take away new powerful tools and insights you can use immediately to draw a new, motivating, energetic and clear picture of your future vision! 

Your newest tool in your toolbox

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Enjoy Jim´s vision of his workshop Tell-A-Vision ...

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Jim Ridge


Jim Ridge is an artist and an expert in the field of creativity and a highly accomplished illustrator.

Jim has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant specializing in change management. During his career he has held several leadership positions and was a senior consultant for the Milan/Paris based consulting firm EFESO, Creative Director for Atlanta based consulting firm Lead Dimensions International and is currently Creative Director for Profectus of Iceland.

 In addition to business book illustrations, he has performed at TEDx Sarasota on visual storytelling, done graphic recording and concept illustrations for international firms and agencies such as Heineken, Deloitte, and the Ontario Centre for Excellence to mention a few.

And for nearly 20 years has been a faculty member of the international Creativity Conference called Mindcamp Canada where he has presented workshops on visual thinking, visual storytelling and videography. In addition to Mindcamp he has also present workshops and keynotes at other key international creativity conferences in Europe, the United States, Namibia and South Africa.  

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