TELL-A-VISION with Jim Ridge

Jim Ridge
Jim Ridge

Jim Ridge is an artist and an expert in the field of creativity and a highly accomplished illustrator.

Jim has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant specializing in change management, videographer. During his career he has held several leadership positions and was a senior consultant for the Milan/Paris based consulting firm EFESO, Creative Director for Atlanta based consulting firm Lead Dimensions International and is currently Creative Director for Profectus of Iceland.

 In addition to business book illustrations, he has performed at TEDx Sarasota on visual storytelling, done graphic recording and concept illustrations for international firms and agencies such as Heineken, Deloitte, and the Ontario Centre for Excellence to mention a few.

And for nearly 20 years has been a faculty member of the international Creativity Conference called Mindcamp Canada where he has presented workshops on visual thinking, visual storytelling and videography. In addition to Mindcamp he has also present workshops and keynotes at other key international creativity conferences in Europe, the United States, Namibia and South Africa.